Happy New Year 2010

NYE 2009

nye. should be spent with loved ones.  i don’t want to meet new people on this day.  i just want to spend it with people i already know and love.

after laying in a park — watching and listening to fireworks with a lovely friend,  i rang in the new year with lovies Toni, Deb, and Julz @ the wong residence.  some aunties made cute NYE hats with the resolution being: “Wear Clean Panties.”  great resolution if you’re not practicing it already……. hehe which i am of course!

uncle ben took us out on a boat ride a little after midnight along the bay.  it was surprisingly calm and very relaxing..we didn’t see as much fireworks and bombs as i expected.  maybe not many people can afford to burn paper this year, tough times.

cheers to a new year full of love and happiness:

wear clean panties