last minute details

its 11:11pm. i’m getting really, really risky with this procrastinating business.  i have a five-page ethics paper due tomorrow and i haven’t started yet.  i usually wake at 530am to start my mondays, don’t think i’ll be getting any sleep tonight.  i dont mind pulling an all-nighter; the only trouble is my day goes nonstop until 430pm.  sigh.

i have chosen to write about the ethics of gender-selection surgery on intersex children (hermaphrodites).  i foresee troubles with cramming such a topic into five pages because there are a lot of issues and psychology that go into this issue…lord, help me.

so what did i do today instead of writing my paper?  i went to a fengshui class and was so inspired i began de-cluttering spaces of my house out.  at the same time, i was trying to find all the missing things my dear mother misplaced from my room the day she flooded it with toilet water (this past tuesday).  i haven’t found any of the missing items — that stresses me out because a few of them are thank-you gifts for friends that i am seeing this week.  breathe.

alright –better start writing my paper now.

bon nuit mon amie!