turn every experience into an opportunity.

each problem has a solution.

all experiences are opportunities for me to learn and grow.

i am safe.

value g r o w t h

self-improvement and self-growth are essential.  my mother always says, “You think you’re the biggest, tallest tree but somewhere out there is a bigger, taller one.”   she reminds me that learning is never-ending.  there are always new things to learn, even with things you think you’ve already mastered and no matter how old and wise you’ve gotten.  the greatest teachers are ones who never stop learning, even from their students.

a significant barrier to growth is fear of failure.  i’m not going to lie.  i get highly emotional when i fail and begin to lose faith but i need to remember that the greatest lessons are learned in times of failure.  we all need to remember this.  just breathe and try again tomorrow.

i will never master anything but i don’t think thats a goal in my life. my goal is to grow, with each passing day…  to better myself  spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally and to give  back by serving those that nurture my body + soul.