a fool for love


this is me in a relationship:

i don’t require a lot of things.

i was never one to be impressed by typical overly expensive material gifts (like bags, jewelry, etc) or stays at a fancy spa resort.  although those things can be nice too (but i  absolutely love the feeling of self-gratification i get from buying my own expensive purses)

—  i just think there are better ways in life to express one’s love to me.

i love going places and doing things. i require a lot of cheesiness. a lot of cheesy outings.

i enjoy experiences where we can explore the world together, laugh together, make our memories to leave our marks everywhere we go.  i guess i’m just really sentimental.  it can be simple.  it can be grocery shopping together.  it can be going to the aquarium. it can be biking in a foreign country.

i am not at all clingy on any level..though when we are together, i want quite a bit physical affection.  no, not just the nookie.  i love constant kisses and squeezes.  i notice every soft stroke that crosses any body part (here’s a weird tidbit about me and my sense of feeling: i can always feel a mosquito biting me).  i like to make-out like its our first time – every time.  i think its unacceptable to let these things fade just because you’re comfortable in a relationship.  that’s why i hate valentines.  that’s why i’m weary of marriage.  i hate the idea of couples getting comfortable and forgetting all the simple things.  love shouldn’t be celebrated only a few days out of the year.  love should not be taken for granted and should be celebrated every day in all kinds of little ways. gag haha.  yes, it requires a lot of work and a lot of thought but at the same time, these things should be natural and aren’t a lot to ask for.  i enjoy holding hands on occasion.  its so intermediate school i know…but i love these little things.  i like kisses on the back of my hands, its so old-fashioned.

i love to hear those three simple words without it being a response to my initiative.  yes, i do notice these things.  and yes, although i know one can be in love with me even if its not said all the time, i still need to hear it.  its like fresh air to me.

i do not like receiving a dozen roses..so you can fuggedabout getting two.   i dont even like roses.  i love hydrangeas, daises, tulips, daffodils, lilies, and cherry blossoms. i’m a one-gerbera-daisy-picked-outside-the-garden kind of girl.

if you measure it in terms of monetary costs and expenditures, i am a very low-maintence cheap date….but if you look at it in terms of emotional contributions, i am very high-maintenance and require some hefty investments. 🙂

i know i can be hard to please.  lots of endearment wanted here: thoughts, words, and actions…i need to feel a balance.  i don’t want to be the only fool for love.

i don’t want to be great roommates, just some great teammates, or get stuck in a routine.  i know there must be some structure and therefore some routine in our days but not every day.  we should step out of the box sometimes, surprise ourselves, and have affairs with one another.

i want to be crazy, passionate lovers — because life is tender, precious, and impermanent.

i love loving.   (:

i say all this not because i don’t receive it.  i am just saying all this to clear up the absurd notion that i’m a high-maintenance label whore who requires dinners at fancy places and dates that have me doing ‘sophisticated’ things.  i’m just a simple girl who likes to play outside, eat a peanut butter jelly sandwiches, receive smooches on her forehead, and reminded every day that you’re in love with her.