pumpkins & things

Picked up some pumpkins for carving from Brian & Kelly’s today (off broadway & craycroft, i think).  They also had a variety of apples, dried chilis, and jams.  I also picked up a few organic granny apples to make caramel apples later :).  Will be carving pumpkins tonight while the boys watch the UA football game.

Excited to carve pumpkins for the 1st time EVER and bake the pumpkin seeds :).  Still don’t know what I’m going to carve….hello kitty?

I really wanted to do the Great Pumpkin Race @ Buckalew Farms but it takes an hour to get out there and the race starts at 7:30am which means I’d have to be up way too early  to get ready, drive, etc, so instead of running I’m going to be sleeping.  It would have been cool to run through the pumpkin patch and corn fields AND pick out some pumpkins from the patch after.