Thursday Thoughts

  • it’s a gorgeous sunny day outside
  • i’m stuck inside making ridiculous little tables of my nursing action plan
  • wth?
  • sancho is looking at me like we should be outside too
  • can’t wait for this week to be over
  • i am finally approved to take my exam in AZ
  • 2 chances at most
  • anthropologie is my absolute favorite store for home accents
  • vintage inspired prettiness.
  • mark bittman’s how to cook everything is here
  • excited to read that and lance’s old book
  • but feel too stressed to focus
  • julz & alex are going to spend christmas with me!
  • i miss talking with my parents over hot tea or wine 🙂
  • wish i could have an hour with each of my friends for xmas
  • can i have a bloody mary now?
  • meet me in montauk.