aloha friday

  • i want a headdress just like that
  • last night m and i celebrated our anniversary of a sort (we have all kinds of anniversaries)
  • that is…after i totally broke down because i’m a hot mess
  • ponzu has been really bad with potty training recently
  • i just want to slap a diaper on him
  • still sorting out my own personal issues
  • and thats hard to do when you have to keep moving forward
  • i’m  reading this book:
  • which is kind of a lifesaver because its an easygoing funny chick-lit novel
  • yay for school starting
  • sometimes i wish i were in a classroom again
  • this online stuff is just weird
  • makes me feel like i’m not in school.
  • i’m only speaking for myself though
  • i think some of my classmates would kill me if i spoke for all of us hehe.
  • oh and please, take 10 seconds to complete this survey for me.
  • its for my Nursing 625 course:
  • THANK YOU!!!