happy commercialized retail love day!

while i find the valentine’s candies and aisles in grocery stores gag-worthy

(and not even the good kind of gag-ness)

[a funny play on those cheap stuffed animals]

the idea behind celebrating love is nice.

although..how could you ever forget to celebrate such a wonderful thing?

i’m just very idealistic when i believe love should be celebrated every day

in all kinds of little or big ways

whether its letting the person you love know that you love them

or thanking them for the little things they do for you

spending huge amounts of cash just because its valentines is pretty lame.

i definitely don’t do valentine’s gifts.

if and when i want to spoil my lover with something materialistic

i’ll do it…i don’t need a designated commercialized day.

with all that being said,

i am grateful to be in love.

so in love.

and hopes that he knows, every day, how much i love him.



Look at what I received from friends recently.  so sweet.

personalized mailing stamp for all my outgoing love letters. 🙂  thank you jasmine.  i so love it!


love card from marisa for vday. hahaha :).  so adorable.


these are the little things that make my heart go