Today was a very big day for Ponzu-sauce!

His crazy mommy and daddy entered him into his very first race!  It was sooo much fun. I really can’t wait to do it again.  The race was sponsored by Wienerschnitzel. There were a total of 64 wiener dogs racing in the preliminaries.  Winners get to race for a spot in the Nationals at San Diego!  Ponzu raced in the 7th heat.  He didn’t win but he did very well..especially considering it was his first public experience with so many people and little doggies.  He placed around 4th in his heat.  He was so excited.  Surprisingly he was the only piebald…not many wire-haired in sight either.  I had to bring his official paperwork in case people were going to challenge me about his purity.  heheh.

Gosh, it really made my day (thank goodness…considering i had a terrible night crying in the bathroom).  My heart was melting the whole time I watched him run..I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even call him to come to me.  Mark was the one who dropped him off in the box to run over to me.  Ponzu started the race with his butt out because he was trying to jump out and find daddy. Hahaha.

I wish I caught it on video but I forgot the camera in the car :(.  Here are some photos snapped with my phone.

Good job Ponzu! Mommy’s so proud of you!! (Daddy and Gramps calls you a loser..booo)