wish shorts

don’t really have a wishlist since i dont wanna look at stuff i can’t afford to buy

ah, being a student is tough (plus having to save for a huge party!!)

but i really want these shorts.  can’t wait to get them (h&m, affordable yea!!)

silk + chiffon are two of my favorite fabrics in the world.  i prefer non-shiny silk though.  its tough to wear chiffon in arizona because of the static electricity: everything just sticks like those bounty dryer sheet commercials.

the blazer is pretty classy too.  of course, i’d never pair them together.

and while we’re on the topic of fashion.

isn’t this wedding dress gorgeous?

i love the entire BHLDN line…its not surprise, its a baby of Anthropologie..no wonder I love it!

instead of being stressed out about the entire wedding ordeal (so much that i wanted to scratch the whole thing), i’m really starting to get excited and it all boils down to this thought:

the world will know, once and for all, j + m’s forever love story.

last night he told me the cutest words i’ve ever heard.  it went like this

“i would be so happy if we have two little birds.”


“i wish i were younger for you.”

the latter one just melted me. weird huh? strange things melt me i guess. i don’t wish it (his youngness) for me because i love that we are where we are in our lives and who we are when we met.  changing something that drastic may mean we’d never work out.  with each day is experience that shapes us into who we are: he may never be the right one for me and i may never be the right one for him if we met at a different time in our lives…  but its nice that he said that in total consideration for me.  (he often tries to think for me but i never let that fly).  i know he doesn’t want to be younger for himself.  one night he told me, “i wouldn’t want to re-live my life, this (life with me) is the life i want.”

who would’ve ever known the man of my dreams really exists?

not i.

sorry for all the loveymush.  i really can’t help it.  you can just not read it if you’re sick of it.  life is too short to be complaining all the time.



some music for your lazy sunday: