March Fabness?

Basketball people call it March Madness….Fashionistas call it March Fabness. HAHA!  Its just funny I used to counter March Madness with March Fabness.  I gotta laugh at myself sometimes!

Anyway, MM is almost over and this Friday, the Wildcats will be taking on Memphis!  We’ve had a pretty good basketball season (Wildcats #1 in Pac-10!!!) While a lot of their players improved (My award for most improved goes to Jesse Perry) some got worse (sorry Brendon Lavender ) and there’s room for improvement for the team as a whole.

Hopefully the Wildcats will blaze through the championship games because when they get to the Elite 8 m said we will fly out and support them!  OOHHH I HOPE!  Final 4 and National Championship Game is out in Houston TX this year.  For more 2011 NCAA bracket info, click here.

Let’s go WILDCATS!!