Procrastinating Queen, Young & Sweet only 26


Please excuse my messy dining table/study table.

  1. Red Wine
  2. Don’t forget the Vodka
  3. A Vase of Pretty Self-bought Flowers to Look into and Daydream
  4. Closed Laptop — because well, the internet is a distraction
  5. Study Care Package from some very caring friends that include : Chili infused Chocolate (its spicy!), More Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate w/Caramel, Starbucks card, and Awake Tea.

I’m procrastinating today…but its only because I have to run a million errands and buy groceries.  AH!  I promise myself I will finish my darn N625 homeworks by tomorrow!

BTW..those are my new favorite flowers this season.  They are called Ranunculus which kinda reminds me of “ridiculous” hehe. Random.  Have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon!


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