24/7 i’m in nothing but spandex!

okay, so the title of this post isn’t entirely true hehe but its one of my many favorite lines from this awesome video.  i’ve posted the video on the blog before.  its a FAVORITE.  i can’t help it. one day i hope to make my own spoof of this video.  i’m still writing the lyrics.  🙂

i just must share with you my latest additions to the cycling jersey collection.  it makes me so excited.

 Pactimo Japan Benefit (for earthquake/tsunami disaster relief)

(mark ordered and surprised me with this (: and I LOVE IT.  the design. the benefit. the pink!)

cranes. pink. cherry blossoms.  some of my most favorite things 🙂

Sugoi HOT PINK Poison Spider we picked up from Moab, UT

i never really understood why girls got all dressed up to go to the gym.  maybe it was because they wanted to pick up some muscle men.  i dont know.  i never had intentions of meeting anyone at the gym so i could care less.  i would always work out in an oversized tshirt and swim shorts with hair all messy.  i was at the gym to get sweaty like a pig…..but now i get it.  when you look good, you feel good and because you feel good you might want to do more and push yourself further beyond your limit.

i get excited with hot pink.  it makes me want to do things longer because i’d like the color to stay out in the world more :).  its really fun to have pink sportswear and sportsgear.  pink workout clothes.  pink golfballs.  pink golfbag.  pink bike soon 🙂  it may be super girly and i may be super unathletic, but i tell myself its okay because i enjoy it or enjoy the challenge.

After all, its better to be active and slow as hell than not be active at all.


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