i ♥ the world

if i dont offer myself to the unknown, my senses dull.  my world becomes small and i lose my sense of wonder.  to keep lifting my eyes to the horizon, to keep my ears hearing the sounds around me:  i need to travel. if not the edge is off my experience and i pass my days in a routine that is both comfortable and limiting.  i wake up one day and find that i have lost my dreams in order to protect my days.

traveling has made everything i learned in social studies/history come alive. as a child i always wondered, “WHY THE HECK DO I CARE WHATS GOING ON THERE?” or worse “THAT HAPPENED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO, I COULD CARE LESS”.  it makes everything more relevant because i could understand more.  the best part is the FOOD and hanging out with the locals…and sightseeing OF COURSE.

i have little fears of the unknown and while being comfortable is alluring, it doesn’t satisfy my desire to sense more.  i am a traveler.  i have never regret any travels.  have you?


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