Wigs + 83 + Lady Gaga

Over the weekend we had a wonderful birthday celebration for Peter Herrington, who turned 83!!  Peter, if y’all don’t know already, is my dad — Mark’s dad.  He’s been nothing but sweetness from the very first time our lives crossed paths and I am so thankful for him.

I remember when I first visited Tucson and met him.  We were on the way to dinner and he and I were sitting in the back seats…out of nowhere he grabbed a hold of my arms, hugged it and said, “I’m soo glad you’re here! you made it!”  It caught me by surprise. I was a bit in shock but I was so happy  he welcomed me like that!  So informal, so warm, and so loving.  During the same visit, at a different dinner, he drew with a crayon on the table ..a heart with the initials “MH + JC.”  It was so cute.  It really melted me.  These little things I will always remember.

Anyway, here are the photos from the weekend!

Mark and I picked out a few presents for him including new sunglasses, a lady gaga tshirt, and sketcher shape-ups.  🙂  Why lady gaga?  Well, I went to her concert recently and looooved it.  Sometimes when Lady Gaga was on TV, dad would watch it and be intrigued by her fame but also disgusted of her costumes and weirdness….but recently (since I’ve been semiobsessed with her) he taped her MonsterBall HBO special, watched it, and loved it!  It was great.  We watched it together one night and he even got up to dance a little bit.  🙂

The wigs? Well…those are mine hehe…put them on the boys for fun times! 🙂


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