♥ Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday has come and gone.  For those of you who are wondering: I am now 27!

It feels great to be 27 (although I really thought I was turning 26!)!  I have never been smarter or healthier in my life! hahah!  I have an amazing love, awesome families, and fabulous friends to take on life’s crazy adventures with.

I am content with the person I am and the growth I am experiencing.

I am thankful I survived another year.

Happy Birthday to me!


My sister made me the neatest birthday card.  I wont share the note since it is rather personal but will share some of its coolness:

Here’s a birthday gift I received from Sephora that I thought is so adorable:

“Happy Birthday, beautiful!”

Wanna know what I got for my birthday?  Lots of athletic stuff. 🙂

Hot pink tennis racket, Hot pink stuff for my bike, 2 pairs of Vans Shoes, Pink Camelbak, Sephora Makeup :), New Bike Helmet, New Sun Hat, Hot Pink Cycling Socks.  hehehehe.  I like being girly okay?!?!


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