Look closely.

Stare at it for a while.  What do you see?  🙂 This illusion is flawed, but still fun.  When you’re looking at someone from a side angle, their eye isn’t supposed to look like that unless they are a fish. Learned that in Art Studio in high school, cant believe I retained it!

I’ve been extremely busy with my NP clinical rotations lately.  Its been really exciting.  I am able to see my own patients and write my own orders!  My preceptor consults with me and then signs off my charting and the orders. 🙂  It is so awesome.  Every day that I go to clinical I am just so happy because I really do love the geriatric population.  I love the grandmas and grandpas!  They say the funniest things and have so much to share.  I find it so personally rewarding.  Medically, its really tough.  They often have so many chronic illnesses happening all at once; its a challenge figuring out a treatment  plan that’ll resolve some conditions without exacerbating others.

AND I really do love becoming a Nurse Practitioner.  Excited and proud to be a future NP.  We are different than MDs, in many ways (I’ll share more of my thoughts about this in a later post).


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