I seldomly WATCH TV

I basically stopped watching TV when I was 12.  I can totally survive without cable.  I do follow a few different tv shows, but I usually wait for them to come out on DVD to watch them (Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Weeds).  I recently started following Hawaii Five-O and this Tuesday I’m super excited to start watching The New Girl! I’m actually going to sit in front of the TV at 7/8pm!

ZD is the main female lead role and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER.  She is my girl crush.  1 of 2…the other being Natalie Portman.  I see a lot of myself in the characters ZD chooses to play and portray: often a dork that’s comfortable and confident in her dorkiness :).  ADORKABLE :).  Tune into FOX this Tuesday!  Sis and I are making it a popcorn night!


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