Gettin’ Ready

Time to unleash the hot pink poison Hawaiian spider! 🙂

Can you tell what I’m getting ready for?  Its tomorrow already!  The 30th Honolulu Century Bike Ride!  My name is on my ride number!  I hope no one yells out my name while I’m going up Heartbreak Hill at 3 mph!  I hope I don’t tip over!  Oh man, I’m excited but so nervous.  I pray that I don’t crash into anyone and no one crashes into me.  I’m actually going to start the ride 30-45 minutes before the start just to avoid crashing.  Nightmares of crashing while clipped in STILL HAUNT ME and my crashes were relatively minor compared to the potential crashes that could happen tomorrow.

Excited for the views! Excited for the fun!  Excited to do my first ride in my hometown!  Woot! Woot!


P.S. Thank you to Merman’s wife for graciously lending me her roadbike to do this ride.  Thank you to Merman for everything.  Thank you to Julz for the support tomorrow.  Thank you to my loverman for getting me to cycle, loving me, and ALWAYS supporting me.







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