Honolulu Century Ride

I did it!

“I feel happy of myself!”

(one of the dude’s that motivated me)

I completed half the century ride which translates to riding 5-0, yes FIFTY miles!  It was such a beautiful, fun ride.  So glad I had one of my best friends, Ariel aka Merman, do it with me!  It really helped to have him keep me company during the long flat rides and cheer me on throughout the seemingly impossible climbs.  I missed Mark throughout the entire ride.  It is he that motivates me to ride.  I picked up the sport to bond with him; a hobby we could do together if I liked it enough.  ….now what should I get him to try that I like to do?  Dance???

My fifty mile ride started at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki, through Kahala, Hawaii Kai, Waimanalo to Kailua and then reverse to get back to Kapiolani Park.  I can’t believe I did it.  I have never been on my bike for more than 2 hours maximum; and I’m usually so tired after.  The ride today had me on the bike for about 4 hours!  I’m so thankful my sister was my support.  She fed me, drove me, took care of me all day long today.  She is the best sister ever!

What’s next?  The Haleiwa Metric Ride in April!  Want to join us?

Here are some pictures Merman & Sis took from today:


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