365 Questions. 5 Years. 1,825 Answers.

I am a huge journaler.  That’s not a real word, I know.  You should already know I love to make up new words :P.  Anyway, I have been keeping journals since fifth grade.  I have kept some and threw some away.  I use journaling as a way to vent, a way to remember, and MOSTLY as a way to get to know myself.  Although I blog, I also keep a written journal too (because I don’t like to get too personal on the internet).  I have different journals too.  I have one that is filled with all my troubles..another that is filled with things I love about the day…there are personal written things everywhere in the places that I dwell.  Many secrets can be discovered the day I die :). Anyway, this book was added to my collection of journals.  I love it.  Its designed to be a time capsule for the next five years of my life.

There is a question to answer every day and I  just answer it with a sentence or two.  As the years go by, I can see how my answers evolve (if they do).  Cool huh?  I ordered mine off amazon.com.  There are other five-year-journals but this one had the best design to me.

And here’s a little peak at the exciting happenings of today:

Sister and I went wedding dress shopping and found the PERFECT dress to celebrate my love in :).  Of course, this isn’t the dress, but this was one of the top ones I was considering.  I had to sneak this picture in as they did not allow photography at these wedding dress shops! 🙂

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