lovely non-black friday

I am not a Black Friday shopper.  I experienced it once…years ago…and it was the worst thing ever.  I vowed never to take part in such retail madness again.  Since then, I’ve steered clear of malls on Black Friday COMPLETELY.  This year I organized a mini brunch at my friend’s new home complete with pancakes, breakfast meats, + mimosas, took my sister to a scenic spot for some afternoon delightful scenery, and flew a kite my loving husby bought me (he’s so lovable like that) months ago that I never had a chance to take out.  :).  It was a wonderful day.

By nightfall, sister and I slurped up delicious udon from Jimbo’s, played dance games on Xbox w/mom, and watched breaking dawn.  LOL! It was a wonderful night.   As bad awfully terrible as those Twilight movies are, I just HAD to watch it.  I am such a fan of the twilight books, seriously.  I remember falling so in love with Edward Cullen’s character (no I’m not talking about Rob Pattinson).  I love that he was so enticingly handsome but only had eyes for Bella.  That Bella was his only object of affection and desperate desire, yet he treated her with such tenderness, respect, and old-fashioned love despite his devilish nature. le sigh.  Breaking Dawn was actually one of the better Twilight movies.  Their make-up improved much (last movie was horrrrrible) and the wedding and honeymoon was marvelous — maybe it’s because I’m anticipating my own 🙂 heheh. Anyway, here are some photos from the day:

[sister after brunch]


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