Right Now.

Obsessing over: red lipstick.  It is possibly the only thing that’s making me feel energetic these mornings.

Working on: a 10-page research based women’s health paper that is due by next week, plus two other mini research papers on chronic constipation and hip fractures, 9 case studies, 2 online discussions, diagnosing/treating musculoskeletal conditions, and a ton of other personal projects.  fun fun fun.

Thinking about: how to let go.  How to forgive.  How to forget.  How to heal myself.

Anticipating: an old-fashioned sleepover at my house with my best friend, possibly this weekend.

Listening to: silence while writing this.  Its funny this is mentioned because my entire Music library was accidentally deleted. ALL.  How am I going to find all my music now….guess its time to start anew.

Drinking: hot green tea.  My favorite feel-good drink of the day.

Wishing: for love to heal all wounds.

How about you? What are you up to today?

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