December 1st.

[It ALWAYS makes me smile — seeing a reindeer car]

Hello Party People!

Not much happening with me these days except a lot of end of semester papers, exams, and such (procrastinating master) but just wanted to announce that it’s December!  Holy moly where does the time go?  2012 is right around the corner! Do you have anything fun planned for the holidays? Any travels?  I’m going to be reunited with my boys during the holidays (just about 2 weeks), so I’m very excited for that.

Not exactly excited to find out how out of shape I am on the bike since I haven’t been cycling for months in hopes of trying to gain some weight.  Yea…that was a fail.  I lost more weight not cycling.  My theory is that I’m actually hungry immediately after I cycle, therefore I eat..otherwise I’m just too stressed, busy, forgetful to eat most times.

Well, off I go….back into my textbooks.   Wooo woooo

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