Blessed in 2011. Hello 2012.

Life is huge and complicated. I am lucky.

I am blessed with another year, another day, another chance to gather with people I love and celebrate that love — it’s all that matters. There are no guarantees in life. Love each other as fiercely as you know how, for whatever time you’re given together — it’s the only way to live!

As beautiful as life was in 2011, in all honesty it was a tough year in many ways.  It was very trying emotionally and mentally.   My spirit was tested and I was pretty depressed (though undiagnosed).  I hope 2012 brings me peace of mind, stability, and some wealth (lol, i miss getting paychecks ok.  being a student has its downfalls).

Happy 2012 family and friends!  Hope its a great year for you too!


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