Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

Happy Chinese New Year’s everyone!!

I am very Chinese.  L O L.  Sometimes it makes me feel so awkward, because YES I do believe in Chinese superstitions, feng shui, and compatibility according to the Chinese Zodiac and NO i don’t have any scientific explanations for reasoning ..I just believe it because my personal experiences have led me to.  I used to think my mother was so nuts, that the things she used to do and believe is so bizarre…but you know what?  I may have turned into my mother (she may have just brainwashed me really well too, LOL).

You know whats even funnier (and warms my heart)?  Mark has played along with me and accepted my family’s bizarreness.  I mentioned that his office desk is in a really bad position, not only feng shui but also common sense, and he quickly rearranged it the next day despite his colleagues opposing thoughts.  He’ll pay for knives and sharp things because he doesn’t want to have an argument with the person who bought it for him.  He’ll try his best to water my money plant…LOL.

This year is destined to be a particularly auspicious one for rats and monkeys, particularly those of wood and water signs.  I am happy about this since I am a Wood Rat and Mark is a Water Rat.  We’re just about ready for some good fortune as we’ve been trying so hard to survive through our misfortunes for quite some time.  Life is definitely a tough thing.  I’m sure we’re all ready for some mental, financial, physical, and spiritual good fortune… and I already feel goodness coming my way :)!

Happy New Year!!!



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