Valentine’s Day

I’m not so fond of overpriced flowers and overpriced dinners but I do love that around this time of year I can find all sorts of cute heart/red/pink themed things in the store. 🙂  I picked up the cutest red heart-shaped straws for my own personal use.  LOL.  and you know me, I’m a girl who loves to love — regardless of an existing significant other or not.  I was never sad or depressed on Valentine’s the way some people know the ones that are bitter around V-day…and trust me I have spent a hell of a lot of Valentine’s days single…actually I’ve spent a lot more single than I have with a significant other.  I do love love stories and I do love to see others happy about the day.  I remember one valentine’s while I was an undergrad on campus, someone sent their love a singing telegram!  The group was a bunch of elderly who were dressed in white suits and red ties.  It was oh so adorable.  I couldn’t help but feel so happy in knowing that kind of love still existed.  Why be bitter, you know?  It gave me hope that I could find a love that inspires like that. 🙂

Happy Love Day everyone :).  Have fun celebrating this day.

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