Over the Weekend

I had an especially lovely weekend!

My bridal party and friends worked extremely hard to put together a cute little bridal shower for all of us to enjoy.  I actually didn’t want a bridal shower for several reasons…but then decided to go along with it as a way for all the girls to mesh and meet each other before the wedding as many of them are flying up to AZ to celebrate in such a life event of mine.  :).  A big heartfelt thank you goes out to my sister, my maid of honor who coordinated everything and stayed up countless nights getting this ready IN ADDITION to her many architectural projects for school.

This past weekend my best friend Jasmine also slept over my house.  It has been YEARS since we’ve done such a thing and it was so fun.  Given all we did was cut our night early and headed to bed (as we were both tired from the morning festivities) it was still just so fun to lay there and talk about stuff before snoozing off — like we used to.  Of course we also used to sneak out some toxic liver things and go clubbing….but we’re now nearly 10 years older than we were before and have no energy to do so! LOL!

Anyway, here are some photos from the lovely shower  :



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