Big News

So the biggest news I announced this past week to family and friends is M and I are pregnant! 🙂 lol. Yes, he is preggers too!   Attached is the US from a couple weeks ago at 8 weeks, baby is now 10 weeks.  We are more than thrilled for this wonderful blessing.  Moms and dads and sisters and brothers are equally or more excited.   I know my family members are just ecstatic this will be the first time my parents will become grandparents and the first time my sister and brother will have a niece/nephew.  I’m sensing some major spoiling that I’ll have to manage to control somehow.  LOL.  I’m not a big fan of spoiled children.  I am a big fan of earning, discipline, and responsibilities. hehe.

I’ll admit I am scared at times.  I wonder how I’ll do it all: finish school, start my medical career, keep my house together, keep everyone (including myself) happy and sane, etc etc.  I’ve even sought guidance from several of my nursing instructors (since I figure they were in the same shoes as I once in their life and since they can sense my career potential) and they have given me reassurance that everything will be just fine — wonderful, in fact. As much as this is M’s baby as much as it is mine, you have to admit a woman’s life drastically changes more than a man’s when a new child is coming.  Afterall, it is I that am carrying this baby for 9 months — exhausted as hell, all I  want to do after I get home from clinic is sleep and I can’t sleep because all I do is pee all night — nauseated — hormonal, i’ve gotten mental sometimes — physical body changes — etc.  AND THEN, it is I who have the breasts for feeding and not he.  haha.  I guess the key here is to make sure you are having the baby with a partner that is suitable for you.  I know Mark will help out as much as he can and for that I am grateful.  My dad did nothing to help my mom (it just isn’t a part of Chinese culture) except support her financially — I honestly don’t think he fed any of us (siblings) once.  Mom did it all on her own (3xs) and she was happy to…She crazy.

Anyway, excited!!!


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