About Liking Arizona

The question I get often is:  What’s there in Arizona?  How is it?

and in Arizona, people think I’m crazy for ever having left Hawaii.  I don’t think I’m crazy for leaving Hawaii, but leaving Hawaii for Arizona…hmmm hahaha — that may be a little crazy.

but the truth is I’ve learned to like Arizona quite a bit, and yes I do like Tucson.  These are the reasons why:

  • Wildcats Basketball season is just so exciting!  To belong to a family of supportive basketball fans is amazing (I’m sorry but UH basketball family just sucks), even if they’re all quiet, rich geriatrics who sometimes irritate the hell out of me with their elite attitudes…just showing up in numbers is so fun.
  • Bike paths are so very relaxing and where I love to be — whether its biking, jogging, walking dogs, etc.  Its nice to be out with other people who are exercising too…even if they are often overweight (hey, i’m a medical professional) i given them credit for doing something about their health.
  • There’s one big Asian superstore where I can get all my Asian cooking needs.  This was essential for my transition.
  • Awesome Mexican food!  OH how i love my weekly fix of carne asada tacos.
  • Cool reptiles and wildlife just cruising around.  I especially love the hummingbirds.
  • Tucsonians dress like local islanders do: super casual — sometimes this irritates me because there’s a time and place for everything…but for everyday, I like that I can walk out of the house in sweats and not be judged.  Its actually the opposite, I’ll get judged wearing a dress — it just stands out way too much. LOL!
  • I love that they have a 4th Avenue artsy district.  It gives me a little bit of San Francisco, a city so near and dear to my heart.
  • Lots to do and explore in the outdoors.
  • I can actually afford a house (with a huge yard) with extra cash for a leisurely life.
  • I love that I can find tons of cute clothes my size on SUPER SALE.
  • Let me not forget $5 beautiful bouquets from Trader Joes because we all know I love to buy flowers 🙂
  • Music and arts scene is pretty awesome in Tucson and (you can see some pretty big names) its hardly ever crowded, NO IDEA WHY..that may be bad for business but I’m not complaining!
  • I dont have to always drive for 30 minutes to get somewhere
  • There’s an airport (though I wish there were a direct HNL TUS flt!)

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