A Little Bit of Life Lately

If I told you I were busy over the past few weeks, that would be an understatement!  So much fun happened over the last month I don’t even know where to start.

I finally returned home to Arizona for a good two weeks and in that time span, a lot of life happened :).  M finally got to witness my growing appetite and belly.  I was able to go to a Cats basketball game (although they didn’t go to Nationals), met Angelo Chol at Rincon Market (that guy is so cool!), attend a couple of M’s bike races (where he placed!!), eat tons of delectable Mexican food that I’ve been craving for so long….and finally have our big, little love fest!!

My Vietnamese family and most of my life friends trekked it out to the desert.  It was so fun.  M’s parents hosted our family bbq/get-together one night where M, Julz, and I prepped all the foods, which turned out to be pretty alright for the first time we ever prepped food together.  LOL.  Another night M and I hosted taco night at Boca restaurant for all our out of town guests….and finally M and I hosted our love fest at the Stillwell House on a very cold Sunday afternoon-evening.

It was the happiest time of my life to be able to spend time with my family and friends in my new  home-town.

Our love party was just lovely.  It happened to be the coldest day of the week (at 55 degrees while the rest of the week was in the 80s) and the wettest (it was raining all morning!) but when it was time for me to walk down the aisle, the rain had stopped and the sun came out (though it didn’t get any warmer) long enough for us to have an outdoor ceremony.  Our dogs were there.  Our families were there.  Our friends were there.  M was waiting for me at the end of the aisle with the biggest, wrinkliest smile I’ve ever seen on his face.  I couldn’t stop crying when I started saying my vows because all the memories of our love rushed in — the hardships, the good times, the happiness, the everything.  When M started his vows, I was eating my own snot that was running like a waterfall down to my mouth.  It was nasty.  I could hardly pull myself together.  LOL.  At the end of the ceremony, we all “walk-ed it out”, yes…to DJ Unk.  It was so awesome! M and I took a ride around the block on our tandem bike :).  During dinner, I surprised M with a special hula and danced in front of all our family and friends.  I was so nervous all day about this moment because it had been a week since I had practiced because I couldn’t practice when M and I were always together!  In retrospect, M feels that was the highlight of his night — the hula.  :).  By the end of the night, M danced with me (in public), what?!  It was so much fun.  M usually feels really uncomfortable dancing in public…but he looked happy and fine this night :).  Sigh.  Did you get to see my dad’s dance moves?  That guy can really ballroom dance (he was spinning me around in all kinds of directions during our dance) and did a really funny kung-fu dance as his signature.  LOL.  So much fun.

I was able to spend a week with M, just lounging around before returning home to Hawaii.  This separation is getting harder and harder every time so I’m glad this is the last four weeks that we’ll ever have to spend apart.

That’s life so far.  I’m back at my geriatric clinic finishing up this geri rotation.  I may be heading to Hilo in the next few weeks for another rotation and then I’m back in the AZ with my man and my dogs.  I can’t wait.  really..I can’t wait any longer….

Oh, the pregnancy is going well.  We’re now 15 weeks and I’ve got a lot of my energy back.  Woohoo. My pants are getting tighter so I’ve started buying more yoga clothes, lol.


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