My Thing About Pregnancy

The most irritating thing about pregnancy (besides the extreme fatigue, the constant peeing, the constant eating, the snug clothes, the itching body parts, etc)  is that people seem to think they can tell you what to do and what not to do.  Everyone is different and as long as you have discussed  your concerns with your physician/nurse practitioner (because he/she knows you or will ask questions to screen for dangers) and they give you the okay, then usually its pretty low-risk and alright to do.

Here’s some very common concerns that have come my way (or any pregnant woman’s way):

Many tell me to not be so active (including my dear mother).  I understand their concerns but I have been pretty active so I need to stay active for my well-being, which I believe affects baby’s well-being.  I know when to stop.  I’m limited by my pregnancy and will stop running/jogging/cycling/golfing/hiking at the first sign of feeling uncomfortable, tired, nauseous, etc… with that being said

I am going to do the Haleiwa Century Metric Ride which is a cycling event that’ll be happening on the 29th of the month.  I am not going to do it as a hardcore race.  I don’t even think I’ll complete 50 miles since I haven’t been riding at all during this pregnancy.  I will do it as a cruise ride — just to be outside on my bike, cycling down the north shore with the salty sea air blowing in my face and enjoying the beautiful beaches I’m going to be missing dearly.  I even have plans to stop at the shrimp trucks and having us a plate of garlic shrimps and cooling off with some yummy matsumoto’s shave ice :).  This will be good for our souls — mine and babys :).

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