Let me tell you the now-ness about this beautiful day:

I woke up distraught and in a mess because I woke up a half an hour late than I was supposed to.  This is because I was rolling around for hours last night and had very little sleep and for that i say “thank you my little unborn baby.”  I drove for 45 minutes in traffic to head to clinic at which time I received a call from the office telling me all our patients cancelled for the day so there really isn’t any need to come in — relieved, I sighed  — I had just pulled into my parking spot LOL!  So instead of turning around and heading back home in the opposite morning traffic I drove my long pants, long sleeved, shoe-wearing booty to one of my favorite hangout spots knowing I was totally inappropriately dressed for it — Cromwell’s.  Glad I did even though couldn’t get into the water (I totally debated heading to the nearest mall and picking up a new swimsuit just so I could take a dip, lol)!  I breathed in the salty air, felt the sand between my toes, had the waves splash up on my yellow pants and smiled.  I will miss this place always. Hawaii will always be my hometown.  We’re so spoiled with the perfect weather, the beautiful sunshine, the luscious green mountains, the endless blue beaches — nothing will compare to it but its time for something new.  New nature’s beauties.  New culture.  New life.

Oh yea, also got to play with lots of dogs and exchange a lot of “good mornings” as residents strolled alongside the shores with their little furry babies — that really lifted my tired soul.

Yay for the nowness.  Yay for making the mundane magnificent!

I am now back in the little corner of my room trying to finish some reports and then I’m gonna head out to the local drugstore to drop off a roll of 35mm film I’ve been meaning to develop over the past year!  🙂  Lovely day.


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