Pregnancy Essentials: Pre-Baby


  • creates a rich, natural treat for your dry, stretching skin
  • cheaper alternative to the other dry oil I use but smells just as good
  • i put a few drops in my nightly baths to soften my skin careful though, it makes the tub slippery from the oil after the bath.

  • its like a thick butter, not a lotion: use it twice a day
  • prevents itching too.  i also use this on the other stretching ladies (body parts) to relieve similar growing symptoms.
  • pleasant citrus smell and no toxins
  • absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, but oh so moisturizing
  • its $$$ but its last me 3 months and i still have more to go — thinking I probably need 1, at most 2 more jars by the end of pregnancy.
  • i slather this on right after showers, before the Tummy Rub just for extra protection against stretch marks and itching
  • smells so yummy
  • its a dry oil so its not greasy

  • compression socks to prevent pedal edema, swelling that happens with pregnancy or standing on legs for too long (helps with circulation)

  • this is $$$$$$$$$$, not kidding but with the sleepless nights i have right now (pre-baby!) i need to do something to maintain some decency with my skin, especially eye area (its been getting dark and puffy, not normal for me) …can you imagine what i’ll need post baby?


Everything on this list is pretty affordable, except the Eye Concentrate which is just out of this world expensive but I’m crazy about skincare (dont ever want to do any sort of plastic surgery — which makes me resort to really good expensive creams).  Pregnancy is not easy.  I know it seems like I whine about it more than the normal woman (its seems everyone is so ecstatic about being pregnant BUT ME) but its so tough.  I have a million things I need to get done and all I want to do is sleep or slow down because I can’t handle things physically or mentally like my normal unpregnant par-self. …AND when I put time aside to sleep, I can’t sleep because of this physical uncomfortableness I go through, not to mention waking up all night to pee -that kills deep sleep altogether.  I’m lucky I don’t get nauseous often, but here I am still complaining about everything else : the constant peeing, the constant eating, the stretching skins, the itching, the burning, the sleepless nights — I seriously love my mom even more.  And if you think you know what its like to be pregnant…you really don’t until you’re pregnant yourself.  TOUGH STUFF.


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