Not Myself

I can’t believe its July already!  My how time flies…but is also so very slow at the same time.  What a weird phenomenon, isn’t it?  I’ve just recently entered the third trimester of my lovely pregnancy.  IT’S HARD.  This preggo-ness takes a toll on your body like you have never felt before — needless to say it also effects you emotionally and then just makes you mental.  LOL.  It does for me anyway!  Can you imagine me waddling my belly around clinic all day in clothes I don’t want to wear, fighting hypotensive episodes, leaving patients’ rooms in a hurry because I feel like I’m either going to throw up or faint?  No one should ever get pregnant while in school — I highly discourage it.  I can hardly think straight.  The simplest words can’t even be recalled.  I stutter.  I blank out.  Learning new things — that’s a miracle altogether.  This little life in me is exciting, don’t get me wrong.  …just don’t get pregnant when you need major energy and brains to finish up school!


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