Happy August!

It is officially the end of my summer in about 1 1/2 week/s.   Pretty insane if you ask me!  No idea where the time has gone but soon Baby Herrington will be here and life as I know it will never be the same!

Happy to say that M and I have finally settled into our house.  It’s becoming homely.  Our dining room table set finally arrived about two weeks ago and I was so ecstatic about that as I was getting so sick of slouching at the couch over the coffee table (NOT FUN FOR A PREGGO).

We finally started working on Baby’s room : crib and dresser are ready!  I’m not too big on making it a whole fancy schmancy nursery that everyone keeps asking about…he’s not going to enjoy it (he’s too little and won’t care less!!)..and we’ve already painted it (GREEEEEEN) and that is just about enough to make me happy.  Nursery decor is more for parents and I am not about to spend money that I don’t have on baby decor that’ll last about a year or so.  LOL.  Also, we’ve been very fortunate with donations/handmedowns from family and friends on a lot of the baby stuff!  BUT..there are these really cute white animal head hooks I saw at anthropologie that I’d love to hang on the wall in his room somewhere (or my room, hehe).  He’ll probably love animals just as much as his parents do :).

I’m 8 months preggo this week!  2 more months to go!!  Everyone thinks the weight is all in my belly, but it really isn’t.  My legs cant fit into my pant legs and my arms are so flabby that I try not to lift them so often, hehe.  Its just that my belly is sooo huge now that it gives the “just belly” illusion.

Here’s a picture of me from last night, via instagram.

Well thats a lot of rambling for this morning! Hope you guys have a wonderful week!!

BTW did I tell you about my new blog with my sis??

Its http://www.lovealohalove.wordpress.com

Its a creative /collab blog! 🙂

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