Window Shopping

Being pregnant and all, I have been doing a lot of clothing window shopping AND a lot of sifting through my own closet waiting til the day I can fit into them again LOL.  Being a new homeowner, I have been doing a whole lot of home furniture/furnishing/whatever shopping.  I always thought it would be fun to finally furnish my own home but it’s kind of been the opposite since I’m sort of in a rush, pressed for time (trying to get the house semi-operational and functional before baby arrives), and really low on cash.  I really couldn’t wait to hit yard/estate sales once I purchased my first home — but that hasn’t been happening since the heat and the pregnancy has been keeping me basically indoors.  I did manage to pick up some very awesome things at Savers — so that may count :).

Anyway, today I did a little online window shopping (meaning I have no budget and endless cash!) and picked out a few of my favorite things from Jonathan Adler.  I don’t know why everything is animal-related.  It might be because I’m trying to make baby boy’s room ANIMALED OUT :)..and its now seeping out into our house.  LOL.


1. Brass Peacock Letter Opener

2.  Elephant Butter Dish

3.  Dachshund Bookends

4.  Blue Okura Planter

5.  Elephant Lamp

I remember Jonathan Adler did a collab with Barnes and Nobles and had cute dachshund bookends for $40 and I thought that was way too much …too bad I didn’t pick it up because this one’s over $100! ahck!


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