Flying By…

I can’t believe its nearly a month since Niven’s birth day!  We are finally getting into the groove of things (3 of us taking care of one baby…) but we will soon need to get used to a new groove as my beloved sister will be departing back to Hawaii!!  I am going to miss her so much…and so will Mark and Niven and our dogs.  LE SIGH.

Looking back at photos from the hospital and from the weeks that had passed makes me so emotional.  We went through a lot on Sept 18th and the days after. … so glad we are all healthy and healing now.  Niven button has gotten so big so quick.  He’s about 10 lbs now and grew over an inch!  He looks different daily!  My body is healing and I’ve actually shed a lot of weight gained during pregnancy (gained 44lbs during the pregnancy and have lost 30lbs of it!)…but I do have new postpartum aches, not to mention aches with breastfeeding! LOL.  I swear pregnant women keep so many secrets that you dont know about til you’re pregnant…they must not want to scare you or something.

Anywho…just thought I’d say that much. 🙂

Good night..or morning.  LOL.


2 thoughts on “Flying By…

    • LOL. The funny thing is I’ve forgotten most of them already! I think that’s what happen to us women..we forget all these things (and they are huge things) so that we can have no fear in having more children. Its nature at its finest! …but if you have concerns or questions you can definitely ask me when the time comes…I think lots of women don’t talk about what really happens because its so physical and feel some things are just…but i am in health care so its normal talking stuff for me! 🙂 hope you’re doing well t! you better use that slowcooker like crazy eat well now cuz it’ll be a bit harder to eat well later!

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