Life Lately


Sorry for the bad quality, but here’s a recent webcam shot of my little button and I! 🙂  So in love with the little faces he makes! Niven made 2 months this past week and has developed a lot — he’s smiling a lot and cooing vowels a bunch and he also doesn’t cry anymore — well not unless he is hungry or wants to go to sleep.  He doesn’t seem to cry about wet diapers yet but we are pretty good about keeping track with that (Thank goodness for Pampers Swaddlers and their blue wetness indication diapers!).  He has some pretty long conversations with his daddy. It’s so adorable.  His favorite spot in the house is his changing pad…the kid loves it there!  He’s the happiest baby on that pad, lying there cooing, smiling, kicking for nearly an hour!!


[My mom and little sharkie after a bath]

My mom came out here last week for a week. She fed us delicious food and helped so much around the house.  She fell in love with Niven (of course she loved him before but its totally different once a connection is made in person) and can’t wait for his arrival in Hawaii in 3 weeks.  She’s counting down, she says.  I miss her so much.  I seriously have the best mom in the world — and the best dad.  They are so selfless when it comes to their family, esp their children.  It still amazes me.  I am so thankful.  My sister recently came to the conclusion that she must’ve done something good in her past life to have such great parents…I concur the same for myself.  I hope Mark and I can provide the same for our child(ren) — wisdom, patience, guidance, love …and really hope that they understand our parental perspectives (you know..esp during those teenage angst years).  Its really scary to raise children in today’s world because I feel that so many things influence them — there’s cellphones, social media, media, do you monitor everything?  One example, when I was growing up, we had to telephone each other’s houses — so big brother was always watching lol….now kids can get away with so much since its so hard to keep track of texting, emails, facebook, etc.  sigh…we’ll just have to do our best…or move to another planet!

Anyway, enough mumble jumble.  Blogging has turned really personal for some reason and I’m not sure I like it this way.  LOL.  Perhaps it’ll get back to normal once I find more time to take pictures again…. 🙂


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