I Am Only Human



Repeating this mantra to myself daily.  Does it work?  For the most part, although sometimes, just sometimes, I succumb to my emotions and fall apart.  It’s difficult for me to share what’s going on but most of it has to do with being isolated from my family while having a household to keep together.  Life is just so crazy to handle alone.   Once I’m content with one problem (like sorta finally coming to grips with my I-10 rollover accident postpartum where I could’ve, should’ve died), a new BIG one arises (we are not talking manini problems like being frustrated about household chores never being done).  How can I not go insane without developing some sort of self-soothing behavioral addiction like alcoholism or shoppingism (made that word up)?

Anyway, I’ll be okay.  Just needed to vent a little.

In love + light….and some darkness these days,


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