Reid Park Zoo

IMG_20130315_211437 IMG_20130315_211512 IMG_20130315_211605 IMG_20130315_211657 IMG_20130315_211738 IMG_20130315_211806 IMG_20130315_211845 IMG_20130315_211914IMG_20130314_105147


No lions…but tigers and elephants OH MY!  They have FIVE elephants at Reid Park Zoo!  I hope they stay alive.  It is the zoo’s intention to keep them alive but soooo many preventable accidents happen there that many animals have died in the three years I’ve been living in Tucson!  I hope they never get a polar bear again…a polar bear in the desert is just so WRONG! Anyway, Niven and I have annual membership to the zoo :).  Its a pretty great place to watch not only animals but also other little children…who are sorta like animals.  HAHAHA! Our friends Megumi and Milena came out to play with us.


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