Crazy Sexy Cancer: A Documentary


It seems I’ve been watching quite a few documentaries lately but its the easiest thing to have playing on the television while caring for Niven at the same time.  There is nothing but reality trash on tv nowadays that it gets quite boring [though I do have to admit that I love Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo — Patty, the matchmaker, is not afraid to tell HER paying clients that they’re out of their league or that they’re a$$holes and I admire that].

When given the opportunity, I would eventually like to work in oncology [though NOT pediatric oncology, one rotation of that and my heart nearly broke].  Why?  There is an inexpressible beauty in this population: their perspective of life is truly different, to say the least.  Cancer is a disease that is debilitating to the body, mind, and soul of an individual.    If anyone has the right to complain about anything, its this population.  You see people at their very worst but you also see people at their very best.  You see the strength of human spirit in one of its truest forms and the outcome it plays on human health.  What is health anyway?  I hardly think it is absence of disease…..

Crazy Sexy Cancer is a documentary made by actress Kris Carr after her own diagnoses of cancer at the age of 31.  She had a rare cancer, epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, which caused her to have 27 tumors throughout both her lungs and liver.  Can you imagine?  I would die if I heard I had just ONE tumor, but 27?!  The film let’s you witness her battle with cancer.. not so much physically, but more so emotionally and spiritually.  You get to see her trying different lifestyle/dietary changes, so much so that today she is a “wellness guru.”  What I love about the film and about cancer is that in the wake of chronic disease…in trying to find a cure…there can still a greater positive outcome: you find your life.

“Life is messy and brilliant.  It’s gorgeous and staggering, crazy and sexy…just like cancer.” – Crazy Sexy Cancer


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