First School Day



Niven had his first day of school yesterday.  It isn’t exactly “school” but more of a glorified daycare with the glorified part being the tuition cost BUT he does get excellent loving care and that’s all that matters!  While I was searching for a early learning center for him I was kind of obsessed with their daily schedules, like “What do you guys teach them?”  I had to take a step back and realize he’s just about 8 months!  All he really needs to learn is that he’s loved and cared for and that this world can be OKAY!  It really is so crazy how we are all obsessed about how quickly our child learns to do things.  I have to remember that at this point I really don’t care.  I just want him to enjoy his infanthood as much as he can because growing up totally sucks (Well, y’know..its just stressful being an adult)..LOL!

Anyway, back to the first day of school.  It was incredibly hard for me AND surprisingly just as hard for daddy!  I have spent everyday with this boy from September 18th of last year!  The thought of having him be close to another woman who isn’t a family member, the thought of him crying of separation anxiety, the thought of him being away from me for more than three hours was just so hard to handle.  To be honest, I cried a couple of times while I was mentally accepting the idea of having Niven start school.  His schoolteachers reassured me that he will be okay and that I could always call their classroom to see how things are.  They said there are mothers who called every half hour all day to check on her child ..hehe..and while that was what I felt like doing, I didn’t.  I would rather have the teachers’ energies focusing on soothing my crying anxious baby than trying to soothe me!

After dropping him off, I proceeded back home to re-start my studies for my NP certification exam.  That didn’t last for long as I couldn’t focus so I decided to tidy up the house and do some laundry.  It was done in no time!  Surprising how fast things get done without a baby around!  I still had five more hours to go until I would pick Niven up.  UGH!!!   Noon came around and I sat down to enjoy a quiet meal when my husband came home for a quick lunch.  He asked, “Niven seems to be doing okay.”  “What?  How do you know?” I asked.  It seems daddy visited Niven at school a few hours after dropping him off.  HOW CUTE IS THAT!?  I thought I was going to be the one hanging around in Niven’s classroom all day making sure Niven is alright but it was DADDY!  Well, he wasn’t around all day but you know what I mean.

Here’s the picture message Daddy sent my phone of his visit:



Oh the lovebugs of my life.  They melt my little heart!


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