Bits + Pieces

from my first Mother’s Day weekend!

IMG_20130513_132409 IMG_20130513_132528 IMG_20130513_132558 IMG_20130513_132635 IMG_20130513_132700 IMG_20130513_132813 IMG_20130513_132841 IMG_20130513_132924 IMG_20130513_132953 IMG_20130513_133041 IMG_20130513_133114

Niven was terribly sick and then I got sick too (still battling a sore throat and runny nose!) but we still managed to have a good time together.  Mark and Niven took me out to breakfast at Shlomo’s on Saturday and then shopping to find the perfect tomboy jeans (still debating between keeping AG or Lucky brand, but bought both to try around at home).  No idea why I wanted tomboy jeans since its nearly summer..which means I’ll be in nothing but short shorts!  On Sunday,  Mark cooked a delicious breakfast which I was meant to have in bed, but I woke up and didn’t want to go back in bed hehe.  He adorned me with lots of favorite is a Tahitian black pearl :), an organically bezeled aquamarine pendant that we turned into a charm for yearly mother’s day necklace.  Then we all pedaled to the park and laid in the grass for what felt like hours!  It was a first for my husband, who has a hard time “relaxing” so it was very nice to have him be all “chill”.  Later we had a nice lunch with our friends Holly, Ken, and their adorable children (one of them pictured with the eye patch) then proceeded over to our family mother’s day hoorah.  It was also my father-in-law’s 85th birthday!


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