A Weekend in Northern Arizona

For husby’s three days of racing and to escape the Tucson summer heat!

IMG_20130705_145809 IMG_20130705_154335 IMG_20130705_163757 IMG_20130706_174000 IMG_20130707_081253 IMG_20130707_194945 IMG_20130711_133406 IMG_20130711_133508 IMG_20130711_133550 IMG_20130711_133623 IMG_20130711_133658 IMG_20130711_133734 IMG_20130711_133826 IMG_20130711_133931 IMG_20130711_134021 IMG_20130711_134100 IMG_20130711_134200 IMG_20130711_134303 IMG_20130711_134344 IMG_20130711_134421 IMG_20130711_134457 IMG_20130711_134540


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