The world is your oyster ..always loved that proverb…or as I always say, “The world is my playground!”  That candle brand, Voluspa, is so good btw.  Random thoughts, that’s all.

I’m so overwhelmed with love!  My real birth DAY came on the 16th of the month.  It was well spent.  Mark decorated our living room that morning with birthday streamers and big blue puffy tissue paper balls..it was adorable.  We went to lunch at Blue Willow.   At night, we had our family and friends over for pizza and nachos!  It was nice to finally have a gathering at our house…it was the first gathering we’ve had at our house since we’ve purchased it.  It was just never properly furnished enough for a party AND i get all paranoid about people not taking off their shoes in the house.  ITS A HUGE DEAL TO ME..plus with Niven crawling all over the floor these days its an EVEN HUGER DEAL to keep the floors crap free. …but the get together turned out alright.  Most of them took off their shoes with the exception of one or two, one being Niven’s 85 year old grandpa.  hehe.

Mailbox has been full of birthday love everyday from family and friends.  Its so nice to get a nice package or card in the mail…something that’s not another bill!  I received a huge surprise the other day, received an itinerary in the mail: SIS IS COMING TO VISIT FOR HER BIRTHDAY AS A PRESENT TO ME! Does that make sense?  haha.  She’s spending her birthday here with me as a present to herself and a present to me because I really want her to visit!! WOO WOO!

Anywho, its nearly 11.  I should be in bed.


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