My Heart Swells



The past two weeks flew by so quickly.  I say this because my little sister was in town with us! SHE IS LEAVING TOMORROW!  Ugh.  It was so fun having her here, its always so fun having her here.  We picked her up in Orange County California and drove all the way back home to Tucson Arizona.  It was her first road trip ever, probably her last too because she has a medical condition dramatically effects her physical body when stressed …and let’s just say not being next to a toilet STRESSES her out!  LOL.  She’s probably gonna kill me for sharing it on here but oh well, its a medical condition!

So the past two weeks consisted of homemade meals, starting and finishing new tv-series via Netflix streaming, playdates, home improvement projects, bargain/clearance shopping, and trying out new restaurants.  Its been such a blast having my best friend around!!!

We’re all gonna miss sissy so much!!!!


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