New Beginnings


(its so hard to get a nice family picture lol)

Summer is slipping away and while summer used to be my favorite season (its the only season in Hawaii LOL) summers in Tucson are way too harsh in heat to really enjoy, especially with a little heat sensitive baby!  I will definitely miss the monsoons and the sweet peaches though!  My favorite season while living in the US mainland is FALL!  Leaves turning.  Cool crisp air coming in right around Halloween, new school season (although I’m done with school, for now).  I love when all different types of squash come readily available in local grocery stores and when pomegranates come around I know its nearly Thanksgiving!  My mouth is just salivating for some roasted turkey!!!  I’m such a foodie!

With some other personal news, Niven is nearly turning 1.  He’s about 3 weeks shy at this present time.  I cannot believe time flew that quickly.  You know they say “enjoy it because before you know it they’ll be 18!” and its so true.  Even though I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster this past year, I really enjoyed Niven at every stage of his precious life.  On days when parenting was tough, I thought to myself “you’re going to miss these days when his thighs are all chunky and cute.”  LOL.  I’m so glad I took those gentle reminders from strangers seriously.  I’m so glad I was able to enjoy every day of Niven’s first year with him.   It is priceless.   There were some days where I felt really down about not being focused on my career or even “working” yet.  Thinking in retrospect, my worst days with Niven were days I felt depressed about this very thing – my halted career.   I guess it comes with being in my twenties and changing careers and this whole race for …god knows what.  Some days I was frustrated that I had a Master’s degree in science and all I did all day was clean clean clean (and the house is still a mess!).  You don’t need a master’s degree to do that! But you know sometimes I’m glad I’m cleaning all day — it means we’re living this wonderful life.  I’m washing dirty clothes because we did something fun to make it dirty!  I’m washing dirty dishes because I cooked my family a nice meal.  Le sigh.

That being said….

I welcome fall with open arms!


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