Mama Fashion

Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy into clothes, shoes, and accessories.  I have always been this way, its how my mother raised me and its sorta the example she set.  It’s not like I’m always walking around in Valentino heels, clutching my Chanel bag in my trendy designer jeans … actually this is hardly EVER.  I just like to look the part and take pride in how I present myself especially with what I’m doing that given day.  If I’m golfing, I want to wear a nice polo with cute plaid shorts.  If I’m studying, I love to wear an adorable cozy sweater with stretchy jeans and glasses.  If I’m biking, I must have a cute helmet!  If I’m going to lunch with a girlfriend I like to put extra time in dressing up..possibly throwing on a flowy knee length dress with some cute accessories and some wedges because we all know that we women dress up for each other lol.  Now that I’m a new mother — I’m having difficulties expressing myself through fashion the way I’d like.  There are a handful of obstacles that prevent me from doing so.  Here is a list:

  1. having a very active attention-seeking baby clinging to me or requiring me to be within 5 feet of his body
  2. Not having enough time to go through my closet to put a decent outfit together because of reason #1
  3. living in Tucson, where there is little sense of fashion outside of the University/Downtown district. ..and so much loose gravel that I fear for my life if I were to ever wear heels here.
  4. feeling so exhausted that even after dressing up i still feel like i look like sh!t or a clown because i’ve forgotten how to blend my makeup
  5. living in Tucson(again) where I don’t know many people so I have little to no motivation to look decent anyway since I wont bump into anyone I know, haha.

This is all I can think of right now.  Its not a huge is hardly an issue…but it’s just kind of sad when it was/is something that I really enjoy.  I still love to shop but shopping has somewhat changed.  I do most my clothing shopping Old Navy and even Target (lol).  Old Navy has a cute selection of kids clothing and they have great basics for women at very reasonable prices.  They always have special price items, sales, clearances, percentage of the clearance AND if you sign up for their credit card — they often have days where you can shop and take 30%-50% off everything.  I refuse to have more than one credit card because I’m not big on having debt but I had to get this just for the savings since I’m shopping there anyway!!  One day I’ll be able to afford shopping at Anthropologie again, at least their sales section!!!

Doing my makeup or styling my hair is outta the window.  Hello, I can’t even find 10 minutes to pick out what I want to wear!  I’ve embraced my “curly hair, don’t care” look and as far as my face, I just make sure to put on SPF right after I brush my teeth and that’s as good as it gets.

LOL Can’t believe I wrote about this.

Here’s a decent fashion day in Tucson (and that’s only cuz my sister was in town and was watching Niven while I picked out clothes, hahaa)



and just because, here are a couple pictures of my baby boy:

IMG_1207-L IMG_1237-L


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