Happy Halloween!

This year we went over to my brother/sister-IL’s house to partake in their neighborhood trick-or-treating.  They live in a more family-oriented, holiday-spirited neighborhood than we do so we often celebrate halloween/christmas there.   This was Niven’s first Halloween that he dressed up for.  Last year he was about 1 month old and things were still crazy that Mama could not plan for such things.  This year Mama started planning about 4 weeks earlier!  I’ve concluded that I need to start/finish planning such events/parties/etc. AT LEAST a month earlier to be able to execute it in a fashion that’s anything close to what I plan!  Crazy right?  Welcome to parenthood :).

We went for a family theme this year….can you see it?


[Mama: Scuba Diver/Baby: Shark/Daddy:Lobster]


[ABSOLUTELY love love love that dorsal fin, NO..not in a Chinese sharkfin soup way!]




IMG_1525-X2 IMG_1523-L IMG_1521-L IMG_1520-L IMG_1519-L[My nephew Connor as a firefighters and niece Dillan as Alice]

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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